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Riddles and Love Songs’ - Avon Faire - balanced voices with an entrancing level of attraction

Take three voices that together make a beautiful sound. Focus that sound on three-part harmony arrangements of traditional British and Irish songs, mainly from Renaissance and Medieval roots, add a taste of originality and you have Avon Faire. That’s precisely what you get with their debut album, ‘Riddles and Love Songs’ ... the earth may not shatter with this release, however both it and those that make time to listen will feel a whole lot better. The songs are familiar, their narratives well-known, their place in the tradition established ... however, listening to these perfectly balanced voices adds an entrancing level of attraction. If hitting ‘replay’ is any judge, then ‘Riddles and Love Songs’ certainly makes its mark.

There may be comparisons with other female singing groups, however Avon Faire have the sense to demonstrate their extensive vocal abilities without resorting to ‘vocal acrobatics’ inserted into songs ‘just because they can’. Nothing is here that does not need to be, and nothing is overdone ... however, what there is allows listeners to relax into sound that is Avon Faire. Opening with ‘All Around My Hat’ that has become something of a folk pop staple, they give it a wholly different take, then they give a similar edge to ‘Cold Blow And The Rainy Night’, a re-titled ‘He Moved Through The Fair’, ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’, a lovingly executed rendition of ‘London’ and ‘Riddles Wisely Expounded’

Avon Faire is Kath Green (vocals, guitar, percussion) Andriette Redmann (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Betsy Long (vocals, bodhran, shaker, percussion).

Review: by Tim Carroll